Horary Astrology Consultation What Is the Answer?

Horary will always give you the answer for your betterment, never for your detriment.

What is Horary?

Horary astrology is a specialized application of astrology that answers questions by using the time of birth of a question, rather than the birth of a person.

Horary is an ideal tool for most consultations as it is quick, concise, and straight-to-the-point about the specific outcome.

Through judging the strength, position and aspects of the planets at the time of a horary question was asked, the astrologer can accurately judge the corresponding events here on Earth and predict their outcome.

Why should I come to you for a Horary?

The measure of a good horary astrologer is not when the answer is “yes” but when the answer is “no” because then the astrologer has to explain and understand and most importantly CARE about what is motivating the querent (the client asking the question) to move forward on a matter when the testimonies are shouting a loud “no”. And this requires the astrologer to have a level of maturity and depth of understanding and life experience of not only the matter being addressed but the deeper symbolism that is being expressed in the horary figure itself.

Horary Consultation What is the answer?

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Possible Horary Questions

This list is general and not all-inclusive.


  • How am I regarded at work? By my boss?  My colleagues? 
  • Will I get a raise?
  • If I submit the article will it get published?
  • Do I have any leverage or bargaining power in this situation? 
  • Should I retire at this time?
  • Will I benefit financially from this situation?  
  • Will I benefit financially from this partnership?  
  • Am I talented enough to succeed in this profession?
  • Should I hire this person?
  • Will conditions at my workplace improve or should I find another job?
  • Will learning this new skill increase my increase my market value? 
  • Should I become certified in this field?
  • Should I enter into this business partnership?  
  • What is my potential business partner as competent as he claims?   Does my business partner truly server my best long-term interest?
  • Will this business be profitable? 
  • Should I change careers?
  • Should I start my own business and if so what are the prospects of it being successful?
  • Will my boss be replaced?
  • Will I get laid off from my job?
  • Will I get the bonus from my job?
  • Will I benefit from attending the convention or trade show?
  • Should I use this person as a reference?
  • Will my book be published?


  • Is this a sound investment or should I save my money instead?
  • Should I invest in this bond or money market fund?  
  • Should I invest in this stock or mutual fund?
  • What will be the future the condition of my assets?  
  • What will be the future condition of my spouse’s assets?
  • Will I be repaid the loan?
  • What is the state of my spouse or partner’s financial affairs?
  • Will I be able to pay off my debt?
  • Will I be able to pay off my taxes?
  • Will I incur debt or taxes in this relationship or transaction?
  • Can I afford to repay this loan?
  • Will my agent, broker or representative do a good job for me?


  • Should I purchase this house?  
  • What is the structural condition of the house?
  • Should I renovate my house or sell it as it is?
  • Where should I live?
  • Will my house sell and, if so, when? 
  • Should I buy the property now or wait for the real estate market to decline?
  • Should I sell the property now or wait for the real estate market to rise?


  • Is purchasing the art a good investment? 
  • Should I purchase this house?  This car?  Other major item?
  • Should I purchase insurance?
  • Should I change or increase my insurance coverage? 
  • Will my agent, broker or representative do a good job for me? 


  • Will I inherit money?
  • Will there be obstacles to my inheritance?


  • Who will win the lawsuit? 
  • How powerful is my adversary?  
  • Will I go to jail?
  • Has this attorney given me good legal advice?


  • Will the incumbent be re-elected?
  • Which political party will rule during the next term?
  • Will the candidate finish his term in office?
  • If I decide to run for office what are my prospects at winning?


  • Will my favorite team win the game?
  • Will the underdog team win the game?
  • Will the champion retains his title?
  • How will my team do this upcoming season?
  • Would the current champion/team beat champion/team X from a former era?


  • Will I win the competition?
  • How strong are my competitors?
  • If I audition for the role what are my prospects? 
  • If I audition for the position will I make the finals?


  • Will I profit from the bet?
  • Will I ever win a substantial amount of money playing the lottery?
  • Will I win money gambling when I go to the casino?


  • Is he or she a traitor?
  • Is he or she acting covertly against me?
  • Is my conclusion correct about the investigation into this matter?
  • Is he or she telling the truth?


  • Is it safe to take the trip?
  • Would it be better for me to stay in this location or move?  If so, where?
  • Should I travel at this time?


  • How is my health?
  • What is the nature of my illness and when will I recover from it?
  • Is this the best doctor for me?
  • Is this the best hospital for my treatment?
  • Will the medical treatment be effective?
  • Should I get the plastic surgery and if so, will it meet my expectations?


  • Will I profit from this course of study?  
  • Will I benefit from obtaining a higher education degree? 
  • Should I change my religion?
  • Will I find a guru or genuine spiritual teacher?
  • Will I find an accomplished metaphysician who will be my spiritual mentor?
  • Should I practice magick?
  • Will my magick spell be successful?
  • Will my talisman yield results?
  • Will it benefit me to major in a certain subject in college or graduate school?
  • Should I enroll in this continuing education class? 
  • Have I been hexed?
  • Is he or she a genuine psychic or healer? 


  • Should I contact this person?  Would my effort to communicate be well-received?
  • How am I regarded by friends?  
  • How am I regarded by my family? 
  • How am I regarded by my children?
  • How am I regarded by my in-laws?  
  • Will I benefit financially from this arrangement?  
  • Will I benefit financially from this live-in partnership?  
  • Will I benefit financially from this relationship
  • Will I benefit financially from this marriage?
  • Is this romantic relationship going anywhere?
  • Is he or she interested in me romantically?
  • Is safe to sleep with this person?
  • Is my boyfriend of girlfriend cheating?
  • Where should I go to find a boyfriend or girlfriend? 
  • Will I be happy if I marry this person?
  • Will I ever marry again?
  • Can my marriage be salvaged or should I consider divorce?
  • Is my husband or wife cheating?


  • Should my children attend this school? 
  • What is the health status of my mother or father?
  • What is the health status of my unborn baby? 
  • Am I fertile?  Can I have children?
  • How is my pet’s health?
  • Should I adopt the pet? 


  • Is this a good time for a party?
  • Will it to my benefit to attend the party? 
  • Should I join the club?
  • Do I have secret enemies?  And if so, are they causing my problem?
  • Is the rumor or news report true?



Examples of Horary

Click maps for a larger view.

"Is Mr. X interested in me, and if so, will we have a serious relationship?"



"Should I move and live in an apartment in Brunswick, ME?"



"Is this marriage is salvageable, and if so, should I move to the city he is transferred to?"



"Is this marriage is salvageable, and if so, should I move to the city he is transferred to? 
In how many days and in what direction will the city be?"



"What is the prognosis of my disease?"



"Is Michelle Whitedove's prediction about Hillary Clinton winning the nomination correct?"




"Where should I move in Niigata to improve my quality of life?"




"Should I have surgery on my left eye?"




"Will my fiance recover from his stroke?"




"How far and in what direction should I move my clinic in the city?"



Using GoToMeeting for Your Consultation

NOTE: You do NOT need to have your own paid GoToMeeting account; you will be sent a link to join me online, with no need for your own account, trial subscription, nor paid subscription to GTM.

All Consultations not done in person will be via GoToMeeting Video Conferencing. I give a great deal of precise information, and my goal is always to help my clients get the most out of my consultations. Using GoToMeeting so that you can see my computer screen live and have a recording of my screen and our conversation for your review is the best way for you to get the most out of the consultation. End-to-end encryption is employed for high security. More information on GoToMeeting security and confidentiality practices can be found here.

If you've never used GoToMeeting before, I strongly suggest that you join the GoToMeeting session before your appointment so that we don't waste valuable consultation time trouble-shooting audio issues. You will be sent a custom meeting link in your consultation confirmation email with 3 options to join the meeting (in your web browser - no download, in GoToMeeting, or in the GoToMeeting app).