Electional Astrology Consultation When is the Best Time?


What is Electional Astrology?

Electional is a specialized branch of astrology that determines the most auspicious moment of commencement of an initiative, to ensure greatest probability of realization and success.

Electional examples* would be

  • surgery
  • home sales and closings
  • weddings
  • business openings
  • contracts
  • job interviews
  • sales
  • investments
  • new ventures

Electional Consultation When is the best time?

30 minutes: $179
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Includes Thorough Preparation for your Elecitonal Consultation and Video Recording of Your Consultation

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Possible Electional Questions

This list is general and not all-inclusive.


  • When should I ask for a raise?
  • When I submit the article for publishing?
  • When should I hire this person?
  • When should I start looking for another job?
  • When should go to contract with my prospective business partner?
  • When should I start my business?
  • When should I publish my book?


  • When should I open a savings/checking account?
  • When should I open an investment brokerage account?
  • When should I begin investing into this mutual fund?
  • When should I begin investing into this index fund?
  • When should I begin investing into this EFT fund?
  • When should I begin investing into my IRA plan?
  • When should I rollover my IRA or 401K plan?
  • When should I apply for the loan?


  • When should I purchase the house?
  • When should I sell my home?
  • When should I begin renovation/construction on my home?
  • When should I move and relocate?


  • When should I purchase the car?


  • When should start my lawsuit?


  • When should I start my political campaign?


  • When should apply for the competition?
  • When should I start training for the competition?


  • When should I start to gamble?


  • When should I start my trip?


  • When should I get the surgery?
  • When should I start medical treatment for my illness?


  • When should I cast a magick spell?
  • When should I consecrate my talisman?
  • When should I go for the psychic reading?


  • When should I contact this person?  
  • When should I sign the contract?
  • When should I get married?
  • When should I apply for separation or a divorce?


  • When should I try to conceive a child?
  • When should I adopt or purchase my pet?


  • When is it a good time to hold a party or social gathering?
  • When should I apply for membership to join the club?



Examples of Electional Consultation Charts

Click images for a larger view.

Determining the most auspicious time for marriage


Determining the most auspicious time to be married


Electional Chart for Marriage


Electional Chart to determing the most auspicious time to begin a business


Best Day Calendar


Calendar for when to open/start a business




Using Zoom for Your Consultation

NOTE: You do NOT need to have your own paid Zoom account; you will be sent a link to join me online, with no need for your own account, trial subscription, nor paid subscription to Zoom.

All Consultations not done in person will be via Zoom Video Conferencing. I give a great deal of precise information, and my goal is always to help my clients get the most out of my consultations. Using Zoom so that you can see my computer screen live and have a recording of my screen and our conversation for your review is the best way for you to get the most out of the consultation. End-to-end encryption is employed for high security. More information on Zoom security and confidentiality practices can be found here.