What is Mundane Astrology?

Mundane Astrology is the attempt to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present, whether that of human society in particular or of life on Earth in general.

Mundane astrology charts for cities, organizations, nations, and events along with other techniques in mundane astrology assess the "possible, probable, and preferable" futures, plus "wildcards," which are low-probability, high-impact events, should they occur.

Even with high-profile, probable events, for example such as the fall of crude oil prices, the collapse of consumption based economies that outsource their manufacturing, the growth of the internet, or the aging baby-boomer demographics of particular countries, there is often significant uncertainty in the rate or continuation of a trend.

Thus, a key part of futures analysis is the understanding and management of uncertainty and risk.

The natal chart for many is seen as the map of an individuals' drive for self-development, self-actualization, and self-fulfillment to his or her success or frustration... which is in contrast to the mundane horoscope that indicates the needs and demands of the masses, which may be counter to the striving of the individual.

Mundane astrology, therefore, provides the philosophical and archetypal link between the destiny of the individual and that of the mass, as well to all the differing concerns of the collective.

So, in essence, the purpose of mundane astrology is to understand, articulate, and forecast the collective transformational forces of humanity as a whole, as a civilization, and its relation with the Cosmos.

-William Stickevers