Business Astrology Consultation Profound Insight for Business Decisions


Avoid Costly Bad Decisions
Steer Clear of Pitfalls
Increase ROI in Every Area of Business
Hire the Right People


Profound Insight for Business Decisions, Initiatives, and Collaborations

In addition to a strategy to go through the transits, with the sophisticated astrology software that I employ, I have the capability to give you tremendous insight into business decisions, initiatives, and collaborations.

Yes/No questions, best locations, best demographics, best pricing strategies -- all of these questions can be answered with the branches of traditional and modern astrology I practice.

Having studied and achieved mastery in these several areas of astrology, I help my business clients by answering an extremely broad scope of questions and helping them resolve a variety of current problems or avoid potential ones.

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Looking for guidance to determine what type of business to start
that would be most compatible with your natal chart
(and therefore bring you the most success and contentment)?
Schedule a Personal Consultation first.


Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs Building a Business

  • Is my business plan solid?
  • Will it be profitable?
  • Is my pricing strategy effective?
  • Is my marketing strategy effective?
  • Is this location good for my business/office/shop?
  • Where should I focus my capital-building efforts?
  • Where should I put my focus for building my customer base?


Current Business Owners

  • Should I hire this employee or contractor?
  • How can I fix this problem?
  • Is this a solid strategy to expand my client base?
  • In what area or areas should I focus to gain new ideal clients?
  • Is this a good place to open a new location?
  • Should I do business with this person?
  • When should I sign the contract to ensure all goes as smoothly as possible?
  • When should I start the new marketing campaign for the most ROI?
  • And more


As a Business Client:

  • Avoid or resolve and eradicate dysfunction in business operations.
  • Resolve dysfunctional areas of operation and save time and money.
  • Make the best decisions for the best outcomes.
  • Increase growth and stability with the most return on investment.
  • Take action and invest resources on what will bring the most ROI.


NOTE: Business Consultations are for your up-and-running business. If you need a consultation to determine which business to start that would be most ideal for you, schedule a Personal Consultation first.